A Catalina is a coupon that prints out form the Catalina machine next to the registers when you cash out. These are manufacturers coupons that are supposed to only be used at Tops. These Cannot be combined with other manufacturers coupons. You can tell by the “manufacturers coupon” print on the top.


Here you can see all the available catalina offers they have. When you purchase specified items you’ll receive coupons at checkout to use on your next shopping trip. Below are the current ones available. Keep in mind not all of the ones you can get are listed here. Sometimes buying certain items will prompt a money off a certain item catalina as well, as well as different weekly promotions when available (you will see listed in weekly ad). Most times at Tops Markets you can get a money off catalina and in return use it on same offer and get another catalina.


Catalina FACTS:

Where does a catalina come from?

The catalina coupon prints out from the catalina machines found at the registers. You will want to be sure to check the machine to see if the coupons have printed if you are expecting any. Make sure your catalina box has a (typically green) light on to know that it is on an working. If the light is red or not on they may be out of paper or off and you will not get your coupons. They will print out after you pay for bill.

Can I use coupons with my catalina deal?

Yes, you can usually use coupons on these offers and get the catalina in return unless otherwise noted.

Can I roll catalinas ?

Well rolling refers to when you purchase a catalina deal and use a catalina from the prior transaction and you will still get another catalina.  Many catalinas will roll, but sometimes catalinas will not roll.  Sometimes you can find out if they do by reading the fine print on the offers, or on the bottom of the catalina. Sometimes we find out by trial and error.

What to Do If Catalina Does Not Print?