How Does Gas Points Work?

  1. You get 1 gas point for every dollar spent.
  2. You get 10 Bonus Gas Points per Coupon Redeemed.
    Limit of 100 Bonus Gas Coupon Points per transaction. (you can use as many coupons as you want per transaction, but only the first 10 will give you the bonus gas points, so if you want to maximize your gas points you need to do separate orders with 10 manufacturers coupons each.)
  3. There are also special gas points promos every week.
    You can find them located in the ad.*Please note that your store may limit you to one transaction PER DAY, as according to their policy.

Many Tops will allow multiple transactions. Tops store coupons and catalinas (unless they are manufacturers) will not count towards gas points.

Example of what you can find in the Tops Weekly Ad when they have a Bonus Gas Points Promotion for that Week.

These offers are Bonus Offers that are given on top of the other two ways you can earn Gas Points (mentioned above). It will tell you how many items you will need to purchase in order to get those Bonus Gas Points. For example (from the picture above) in order to earn 200 Gas Points (a savings of $0.20 off per gallon of gas purchased) you would need to purchase any 6 of the participating items they have in that section. When they have BOGO sales (buy one get one free) BOTH items count towards the items needed to purchase to earn those bonus points!

Redeeming Gas Points

  1. The Gas Discount is valid for one vehicle fill up in one transaction only (max. of 25 gallons of gasoline per transaction). It is limited to one vehicle/one transaction only according to legal guidelines and to ensure our customers’ safety.*Some Tops stores do allow you to fill up more than one vehicle, and gas jugs.
  2. There is no cash back on Gas Points. Once you use them they are gone. If you do have more Gas Points than what the cost for gas (ex $5.00 in gas points and gas costs $2.75) that remaining money WILL BE SAVED on your card to use on your next Gas Purchase.
  3. After redeeming your Tops Gas Points, you will continue to earn points again for all your grocery purchases through the duration of the promotion.Click Here to Read Exclusions (items that do not earn Gas Points)
  4. Gas Points do expire! After the earning period is over they give a 2 week redeem only period. During that time if you do not use those points up they will be lost.


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